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German Bundestag ratifies EU-Armenia deal
2019-04-04 21:43:43

The German Bundestag today ratified by a large majority the U-Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement.. The decision was based on a  recommendation of the Foreign Affairs Committee.

The Bundestag notes that the agreement is largely similar to a previously negotiated association agreement, with the exception of the establishment of a free trade area, which is no longer possible because of the accession of the Republic of Armenia to the Eurasian Economic Union.

Nevertheless, closer alignment with the EU standardization and regulation system should be encouraged in order to favor trade and investment, the Parliament said.

"The agreement also addresses new, common issues such as the fight against terrorism, the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, disarmament and nuclear safety, international crime and trafficking, climate change and transport infrastructure," the Bundestag said on its official website.

The German Embassy said it’s a great day for both the Armenia-EU and Armenia-Germany relations.

Ambassador Matthias Kiesler said: “We are pleased that the government under Nikol Pashinyan has presented a substantial roadmap for the implementation of CEPA. We are pleased to participate in the implementation of the agreement."

Armenia and the European Union signed the Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement within the framework of the Eastern Partnership Summit in Brussels on November 24.