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Armenian Police celebrates 101st anniversary
2019-04-16 18:46:55

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan today attended a gala event dedicated to the 101st anniversary of Police Day. Prior to that, police officers held a solemn parade.

"This very day a year ago we were back together, but on different sides of the barbed wire," PM Pashinyan said in his opening remarks. 

"I think that this is a landmark day in the relations between the Police and the citizens of the Republic of Armenia. On that very day we concluded that in essence there was not a single drop of hatred in the standoff. I believe that day remarkable as it ushered in a new chapter in the relations between the Armenian Police and the citizens of the Republic of Armenia in the sense that the actions of the Police of the Republic of Armenia should not contain hatred toward the citizens of Armenia," he added. 

According to him, "the police force is a law enforcement authority and, unfortunately, the police have to resort to some kind of force even in the most democratic countries." He emphasized, however, that their actions should not bear any hatred whatsoever.

"I think that the key achievement in the last few months is that were able to root out the feeling of hatred as a character of the relationship between the police and the citizens," the Prime Minister stated.

He stressed that the law enforcement agencies, especially the police, are the pillars of our statehood, and we must clearly and unequivocally realize that the high-level exercise of police functions is first of all the evidence of high level statehood.

"I hope that at this point, the police will assume a new image in the New Armenia, and will never serve any political force, any political team or anyone. The Police of the Republic of Armenia should serve the Constitution, the law, and the people. I am convinced and I can see that this is the general trend today. While not everything is perfect, but we are definitely going the right way, we will continue along that path as the Armenian police should always strive for perfection," Pashinyan stated. 

For valuable contribution in the protection of the public order, a group of police officers were awarded the Prime Minister’s Commemorative Medal.