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Video presents advantages of Armenia's energy sector
2018-11-20 11:20:19

Business Armenia has released a marketing package for international investors, presenting the attractiveness and benefits of the energy sector. It is the third sector within the framework of the "Select Armenia" branding under "Make your move, Select Armenia" slogan.

According to research conducted by Business Armenia, production growth in the renewable energy sector stood at 37% on average last year. The government of the country attaches great importance to renewable energy and provides a favorable environment for investment to increase the security.

Armenia has all the necessary preconditions for energy development. Here in the high mountains the wind never stops and the sun shines 307 days a year. The combination of abundance of raw material required for the production of solar panels and the favorable climate in Armenia leads to the quality and cost efficiency of profitability.

Business Armenia earlier released a video presenting the advantages of Armenia's pharmacy sector.

Advantages of Armenia's pharmacy sector presented in one video