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Energy saving outdoor illumination system installed in Armenia’s Chinari
2019-05-15 14:13:45

An energy saving outdoor illumination system has been installed in the village of Chinari in Armenia’s Tavush province.

The village borders Azerbaijan from three sides. The shortest direct distance from the state border in some locations reaches 600 meters. Despite the situation, people try to continue living their regular life and practicing agriculture.

The absence of infrastructure, though, is a challenge, which complicates the life of this borderland community. There are many problems needing urgent solution, but the outdoor lighting system is a priority for Chinari to make the road back home from the orchards safer.

The program, which was launched in 2018, envisioned installing outdoor lighting system including 51 LED bulbs.  Some 1700 meters of main roads of the village from south to north have been provided with street illumination system.

The program has been implemented by VivaCell-MTS and Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC).