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Prevention of mass atrocities lies at the heart of democratic security, Armenian FM says
2019-05-17 17:02:48

Prevention of mass atrocities lies at the heart of democratic security, Aremnian Foreign Minister Zohrab Mnatsakanyan said in an address to the 129th Session of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe.

He stressed the importance of resoluteness about condemning denigration of victims and their dignity, and justification of heinous crimes.

“President of Turkey on 24 of April, of all dates in the calendar, justified crimes perpetrated against the victims of the Armenian Genocide by calling them “Armenian gangs and their supporter”, whose “relocation” was “the only reasonable action”. This is a disturbing warning sign to all who are serious about prevention of mass atrocities,” the Foreign Minister said.

He stressed that the selective approach to principles of international law particularly when it is done at the expense of equal rights and self-determination of peoples undermines the idea of democratic security.

The Foreign Minister added that building hospitals, schools or having babies in conflict areas are not acts “against public international law”.

“Human rights, human dignity and their protection can not be applied selectively. The Commissioner for Human Rights should not be obstructed from delivering protection to all. The term “grey zones” is wrong, there should not be any,” he noted.

Minister Mnatsakanyan noted that with the peaceful Velvet Revolution one year ago, Armenia and its people demonstrated the powers, ideals and values of a democratic society.

“With an overwhelming support and sustained strong public mandate following the parliamentary elections last December, Armenia reconfirmed the powers of political will for securing uncontested democratic elections. Political will to protect and advance democracy is at the heart of the policies of our Government. We have also demonstrated that confusing values and geopolitics is unnecessary and dangerous,” he stated.