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Google reveals gaming platform Stadia
2019-03-20 09:43:59

Google has unveiled a new digital gaming platform called Stadia which will stream better-than-console-quality games that have traditionally had to be either downloaded or purchased on disc, the BBC reports. 

At launch it will work on existing desktops, laptops, TVs and phones, said the firm's Phil Harrison.

Google also revealed a controller.

It looks like a traditional console gamepad but the Stadia version has a button for capturing and sharing gaming directly to YouTube.

It was also announced that id Software's major title Doom Eternal will be one of the first games available.

No pricing was revealed at the event in San Francisco but the firm did say Stadia would launch in 2019 in the US, UK, Canada and Europe.

Google experimented with streaming data-rich games in 2018 with Project Stream, when the tech giant made the Ubisoft game Assassin's Creed: Odyssey available to play to trial participants via the Chrome web browser.